About us

Today, Alpro is one of the leading companies in production of architectural Aluminium profiles in former Yugoslavia. Highly qualified personnel, in all fields, and innovative and modern solutions in ours products are the guaranty of successful business. We offer to ours customers not only profiles, then integrated high tech product which have to answer to the most extreme environment conditions of usage. To our customers we provide complete solution according to his requirement and expectation. We are very proud with relationships with ours customers, it is mean that we ours customers consider to be part of big "Alpro" family. "Alpro" family is richer with new member, every day. In its production programme today, Alpro has a wide range of profiles: standard profiles, profiles for doors and windows with or without thermal brake, profiles for fences, profiles for sliding doors and windows, profiles for curtain walls, profiles for partition walls, profiles for mechanical and ctro industry etc. In cooperation with Alumil group, we work every day to introduce new systems and improvement existing systems.