Alpro was established in 1977 year, when started construction activity and activity on installation of production equipment. Activity on construction of factory and installation of equipment was finished at the end of 1982, when we started with extrusion of first profiles. From its foundation, the company has investing in new equipment and new knowledge in order to follow world's trends in production and application of aluminium profiles. In the begining of year 2004, in process of privatization, Alumil group become owner of Alpro, it is mean that is Alpro part of Alumil group, which is leading producer of architectural Aluminium profiles in South- East Europe. In development process, the company has gone trough several stages, from the service extrusion of profiles to development of its own architectural systems of profiles. The development process has not stopped so that our production programme keeps improving and expanding with new profiles and systems. In last 10 years we developed hundreds new profiles and 7 new systems of profiles. In accordance with our development policy, in 1997 we purchased and put into operation new equipment for production of profiles with thermal brake. In 1998 we build and put into operation plant for powder coating of profiles, in same year we purchase and put into operation equipment for bending of Aluminium profiles and in 2002 we introduced new treatment of profiles for powder coating. During 2007 we finished reconstruction and modernization of extrusion plant.