About Alumil group

The „Alumil“ company was set up in 1988, in the north part of Greece, town Kilkis by the Milonas family, with principal goal to provide supplies for the local market of aluminum profiles. Over the course of the period exceeding 20 years, the company underwent transformation from minor plant to the largest extrusion company in the Southeast Europe. Nowadays, with more than 20 years of the experience, „Alumil“ is one of the most competitive companies in design and production of extruded aluminum profiles. Alumil presently employs over 2000 people in 25 countries throughout the world. Based on extensive experience and research of our staff, we strive to build excellence every day.
Our vision is to be pioneers, to be innovative and to be the best.
Presently „Alumil“is in the Southeast Europe:

  • No.1 in production of aluminum profiles systems
  • No.1 in sales
  • No.1 in export
  • No.1 in development
  • No. 1 in investments
  • No.1 in creation of jobs
  • No .1 in industrial plants

    Our production facilities:
  • 13 lines for aluminum extrusion
  • 9 plants for electrostatic painting
  • 2 plants for electrostatic painting with wood grain effects
  • 2 plants for anodization
  • 3 extrusion plants
  • 7 lines for profiles with thermal brake
  • 1 plant for the production of interior doors, fire-proof and safety doors
  • 1 plants for the production of aluminum composite panels
  • 1 plant for the production of polycarbonates

    Our capacities:
  • 106000 tons of extruded profiles
  • 57500 tons plasticization of profiles
  • 20000 tons anodization of profiles
  • 80000 tons of aluminum extrusion
  • 45000 tons of profiles with thermal brake
  • 800000 m2 aluminum composite panels
  • 800000 m2 polycarbonate panels

Our production facilities are located in 5 countries: Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Distributive network of Alumil covers more than 50 places throughout Europe and world.