Quality policy and environment protection

Quality and environmental protection policy in JSC ALPRO make an integral part of the overall business policy of ALUMIL Group, based on leadership position in the Balkans and the recognizable quality of the products and services as well as commitment for environmental protection.  Through continuous changes, realized within the market  posing growingly strict criteria , limited resources, competitiveness which is  difficult to gain and easy to  lose,  technology which becomes  the driving force behind the development, consumers   and environmental as  true judges  of  quality and environmental protection, JSC ALPRO   founds it vision on the following elements :

  1. Focusing on consumers  and environment,  aiming at full  meeting of requests, needs and expectations of stakeholders  , by the quality of our products and environmental protection ,
  2. Total implementation and constant improvement of the  quality management system and environmental protection,  in line with criteria of series of standards  ISO 9001, ISO 14001,  relevant laws, regulations and positive business practice,
  3. Permanent education and professional training  on raising competitiveness, awareness  and motivation of the employees  regarding importance of the quality  products, environmental protection,  health and occupational safety ,
  4. Leadership role of the management team, including all employees  in accepting responsibility for accomplishment of the set goals in terms of quality and environmental protection,  resolution of  certain discrepancies  and enhancement of the process and its performances,
  5. Continuous improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of the process on the basis of the facts stemming from internal and external  inspections  of the system, analysis of  monitoring and  measurement of the quality   of products and services ,impact of the aspects of the environment  by comparison of the accomplished performances  with set goals regarding satisfaction of the consumers, employees and  environment, 
  6. Commitment for identification of all aspects of the environment and their putting under  control, preventive  preclusion and systematic  reduction of the harmful material emission in the environment,  (air, water, soil ),savings of resources and energy, use of materials with minimum adverse effect on environment and creation of minimal quality of waste material ,
  7. Development and fostering  of the mutually beneficial partner relations with suppliers, consumers  and  other stakeholders , making joint efforts on  enhancing  effectiveness and efficiency of the overall business  results.

D i r e c t o r
Miloš Savić, B.Sc. Met.Eng.

Vlasenica, April 2015


The vision  of  JSC  ALPRO  stems  from the  vision of the ALUMIL Group and  represents  an array  of long-term goals  aiming at  becoming leading, innovative and recognizable producer of aluminum products  within the aluminum market,  focused on consumers, employees, shareholders  and environment in creation of new values with adequate preservation of the environment.


Mission of JSC ALPRO entails a range of activities on:

  • Continuous  expansion   on new markets ,
  • Ensuring new and loyal consumers, making joint efforts on furthering up of the effectiveness and efficiency of the overall business results,
  • Achieving high standards regarding quality of the products and services, environmental protection and the overall business operations, with the aim toward meeting the needs and expectations of the consumers, environment, employees and shareholders.

Business goals

  • To be ahead of competition in the production of aluminum products based on the needs of the consumers and market demands, with adequate preservation of the environment,
  • Achieving better productivity and profitability of the enterprise in production of aluminum products, ensuring constant supplies to the consumers with quality products ,
  • Delivery of  high quality products at best prices for our consumers,
  • Dedication for identification of all aspects of the environmental protection and ensuring their  control,
  • Permanent fostering and improvement of the quality management system and environmental protection in line with relevant standards, laws, regulations and positive business practice. 

Activities on ensuring quality of products, environmental protection, occupational safety and fire protection in 2013.

In view of the quality of products, environmental protection, occupational safety, fire protection, requirements regarding ecological and water supplies license, following activities were undertaken in 2013:

  • Conducted recertification and one supervisory inspection of the quality management system according to the criteria of ISO 9001:2008 standards by the certification authority Lloyd’s Register.
  • Conducted supervisory  inspection of the system of the environmental protection  by the certification authority  Pancert Novi Sad; it was noted that criteria of the standards ISO 14001:2004  were met and that it ensures  accomplishment of the set goals  regarding environmental  protection in JSC   ALPRO.
  • Conducted re-examination of the quality management system and environmental protection by the leadership regarding all elements pertaining to standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 resulting in overall estimation of the conducted activities on the implementation of the above-mentioned standards. 
  • On the basis of the four studies on measuring basic physical-chemical  parameters, as well as parameters  specific for  this type of production in waste waters prior to their emission into the final recipient,  it has been  established that all changes of values  meet prescribed limits  according to the Book of Rules on conditions for emission of  waster waters into the  surface  waters. 
  • Conducted measurement of the microclimatic, physical and chemical   researches of the environment   for the summer period, with measured value being within the limits  in comparison with valid regulations and standards.
  • Conducted measurement of the air quality and noise levels within the factory and it has been established that all measured values within acceptable limits compared with the valid regulations.
  • The results of the analysis of the  smoke gases at the outlet from boiler units regarding solid, liquid and gas fuel  have shown that values obtained by measurement  meet set  limit values  relative to  emissions into air,  in line with Book of Rules on limit values of the emissions into air  from combustion plants.
  • Conducted checking the effects work of the device for the treatment of waste water and confirmed the high effect work of the device for specified industry.
  • On the basis of the  researches  conducted on »filter cake «  both  from raw and water extract, the analyzed  sludge  is not toxic, it has significant presence of aluminum, but without presence of the heavy metals,  it can therefore be  deposited  without special  protective measures  due to its poor dissolubility. 
  • Made changes to the Act on risk assessment at work places and in working environment, as well as other auxiliary documents and activities stemming from the Law on Occupational Safety. 
  • Periodical examination of the equipment and plants with expired   time-limits was made.
  • Control and servicing of the fire protection equipment and hydrants was also made.
  • The training and instruction of employees on increased risk at assigned work places as well as testing of the professional qualification regarding occupational safety, fire protection and environmental protection was made.
  • Renewed environmental permits number 16-920-280-07 with valid up to 25.10.2017.
  • Issued the water permit number 01/3-BA.1-4144-1/12 with valid up to 13.11.2017. 

All performed measurements, testing and inspections were performed by authorized and certified institutions.

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